30 years anniversary PC-7 TEAM

For three decades now, the PC-7 TEAM has stood for dynamism, elegance and precision, showing the population the high level of training and performance of the Swiss Armed Forces .
In 2019, the anniversary year, the PC-7 TEAM will fly its popular programme at various public events, demonstrating to its public that dynamic military aviation requires great professionalism and discipline.
At the same time, the PC-7 TEAM will be presenting a new book and film that will allow the viewer to take a look behind the scenes and gain insight into the work and interaction within the TEAM.
To commemorate the anniversary, the aircraft and logo bear the number 30, and the design of the annual brochure also recalls the beginnings of the PC-7 TEAM.

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Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM - Short Version

An approximately 4-minute short version, edited from the main film.

Watch the film

PC-7 TEAM Flyer

Flyer 2019

Learn more about the PC-7 TEAM, our ground crew or the work of a military pilot in Switzerland.

Flyer 2019



Dieses Wochenende fliegen wir am Flugplatzfest in St. Stephan. Wir freuen uns nach einer kurzen Sommerpause wieder für euch zu fliegen 😊😎

Training: Freitag 1530 Uhr

Vorführung: Samstag 1330 Uhr


Ce week-end nous volons pour la fête de l'aérodrome de St. Stephan. On se réjouit beaucoup de voler pour vous après la pause estivale. 😊😎

Entraînement: Vendredi 1530

Démo: Samedi 1330



Close formation 🧐

Schweizer Armee