PC-7 TEAM Season 2018: Top level formation flying as an additional side job

Lt Col Daniel Stämpfli

Despite the professional performance of the PC-7 TEAM, all team members fly these displays as an additional side job. As their full time job, all PC-7 TEAM members are pilots in one of the Swiss Air Force’s three F/A-18 squadrons based in Payerne and Meiringen, and fly some 110 flight hours per year with the Hornet. In this function they carry out the missions of the Swiss Air Force, which include maintaining air sovereignty and air policing over Swiss territory.

In other air forces, it is rare for all the pilots in an aerobatics team to be full-time professional fighter jet pilots, who additionally perform flight displays. This underlines the high performance and capability of the Swiss Air Force.
Turbo 1

Capt Cyril Johner

Fighter squadron 11
Turbo 2

Capt Benjamin Matthey

Right Wing
Fighter squadron 17
Turbo 3

Capt Matthias Grossen

Left Wing
Fighter squadron 18
Turbo 4

Capt Andreas Menk

Fighter squadron 11
Turbo 5

Capt Matthew Leavy

Left Outer Wing
Fighter squadron 17
Turbo 6

Capt Alain von Büren

Right Outer Wing
Fighter squadron 17
Turbo 7

Capt Marius Krüsi

1st Solo
Fighter squadron 14
Turbo 8

Capt Mario Thöni

2nd Solo
Fighter squadron 18
Turbo 9

Capt Mario Schwarz

2nd Lead
Fighter squadron 18

Public Relations Officers und Speaker

Capt Philippe Hertig

Special Of Cedric Spörri

The precise use of special music effects, live radio broadcasts and the distinctive sound of the engines makes the commentary especially effective and lends a dynamic harmony to the entire performance. The weather conditions, topography and spectator areas are always different, so it is a real challenge every time to time the music right in alternation with the radio sequences and commentary.