Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf unserer Website.

Gerne nehmen wir Ihre Rückmeldung entgegen. Wir freuen uns über Ihren Eintrag in unserem Gästebuch.

- Trev Maycock

Thanks for a great display at East Fortune. Nice to see a Turbo Team and some new and refreshing formations. The leaders address to the crowd at the end of the display was a very nice touch. Hope to see you next year.

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Trev

We are very happy to hear that our display at East Fortune last weekend was a refreshing one! During the show we could hear the crowd cheering when our commander on ground radioed some comments up to us and therefore our leader was very pleased to return some positive emotions at the end of the show to the lovely crowd!

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Stuart Buchanan

Dear PC-7 team.

Thanks very much for coming to Scotland and a fantastic display at East Fortune. We really enjoyed meeting your beforehand, and the precision of your flying was a joy to watch. Your display was the highlight of the show for me and many others.

I hope you enjoyed your night out in Edinburgh after the display :).

Thank you, and please come back again.

Best regards,


Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Stuart

Thank you very much indeed for your congratulations!
We fully enjoyed the airshow at East Fortune and the wonderful city of Edinburgh and are looking forward to hopefully coming back again soon... ;-)

In the meantime we sent our best regards to Scotland!

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Vaclav Petlan

Dear PC7 What a display at east fortune Loved It. Cant wait to see you again.
Do you sell team patches?

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Vaclav

We are very pleased to hear that you loved our display at East Fortune last weekend!
You can buy patches and other goodies of the PC-7 TEAM via our online shop. You can access it under the following URL:


Thank you for your interest in us and best wishes

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Claudia Gehrig

Danke villmal, dass er verbii cho sind. Het mi schüüli gfreut eu i minere Wahlheimat z'gseh. Vermisse d'Training woni oft ha chöne zueluege, woni no z'Uster gwohnt han. Ha also tatsächlich es chlises Heiweh-Tränli vergosse. Super Display gsi. Hoffentli chömed er wider emol uf East Fortune. Danke.

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Liebi Claudia

Herzliche Dank für din Gäschtebuechitrag! Es freut ois natürli ganz usserordentlich, dass mer z Schottland au es paar Heiweh-Gfühl händ dörfe wecke!

Beschti Grüess und mir hoffed au ufes baldigs "Wiederseh" in East Fortune!

- Jamie Nicolson

I made this for you from my photos today at East Fortune. Great manoeuvre! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSTEtNEuxGU

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Jamie

Thank you for your youtube link with our closed tunnel! You have recorded one of our highlights of our display!

Best wishes

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Helen Henderson

Fantastic display from your team today at East Fortune Airshow - really enjoyed it and we had added bonus of watching your rehearsal over our house on Friday! Please come back next year!

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Helen

Thank you very much for dropping some lines on our guestbook! It was a great pleasure for us to display at East Fortune last weekend and we can assure you that you live in a great surroundings!

We hope to come back again soon!

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Jamie Nicolson

PC-7 Team! Wow you guys are great. Thanks for making a great finish to a wonderful day out. Hope you liked Scotland and will come back soon. Prestwick air show in September. Invite yourselves, the crowd will love it. And many thanks for the autographs. Was great to meet you and watch a stunning display full of Swiss precision!

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Jamie

We really liked coming to Scotland and talking to the crowd during the autograph session - we even got typical Scottish bag pipe music as background music!

See you again soon!

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Carol Mair

1st time you have displayed in Scotland at East Fortune and I really hope it's not the last time. Great display and hope to see you next year :) Thank you so much!

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Carol

We loved our first time displaying at East Fortune last weekend! It was a very exciting experience for us and we hope to be able to come back again soon!

Thank you for your comment!

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Andy Hunter

Greetings from North Yorkshire! The PC-7 Team just flew over my house at 1,400 feet A wonderful sight and sound. Hope you have a great weekend at East Fortune - Happy landings!

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Dear Andy

The time in East Fortune was an absolute highlight of our season! You live in a fantastic landscape and we fully enjoyed the overflights from Switzerland to Scotland and back again!

Hope to see you again soon!

Your PC-7 TEAM
- Sonja

Zürifäscht 2016, Hammer, coll und faszinierend. Ihr seid die grössten. Stand wieder mit offenen Mund und Gänsehaut als Zuschauer im Züriseebecken. Weiter so!!!Ihr seid die tollsten Künstler der Lüfte. Bravo. Freue mich schon wieder auf die nächste Show. Und nachträglich Häppy Börschtei. ;o))

Antwort von PC-7 TEAM

Liebe Sonja

Vielen Dank für die netten Zeilen und die Komplimente! Das Zürifäscht 2016 war ein absolutes highlight für uns und es freut uns sehr, dass wir positive Emotionen wecken konnten!

Beste Grüsse und auf bald

Dein PC-7 TEAM